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antonystix's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 3 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 15 Points

Orange Revenge

first_droped Unlocked 5/3/17
5 Points
Drown the first tomato
first_eat_tomato 5 Points Eat the first tomato
world_1_done 5 Points Beat the 1 World
world_1_allstars_revenge 10 Points Get all stars in 1 World
world_2_done 10 Points Beat the Ice World
first_burning_tomato 25 Points Burn the first tomato
world_2_allstars_revenge 25 Points Get all stars in 2 World
world_3_done 50 Points Beat the 3 World
world_3_allstars_revenge 100 Points Get all stars in 3 World

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/235 points)


Waiting for the bus Unlocked 5/4/17
5 Points
really? A medal?
Driver License 5 Points joy joy joyride
Rocketeer 5 Points up up in the air
a few stars 25 Points you've collected: a few stars
a bunch of stars 50 Points you've collected: a bunch of stars
ALL STARS 100 Points you've collected: ALL STARS. You should be proud now!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/190 points)

X-Ray Detective

Ghetto Scum Unlocked 5/3/17
5 Points
Kill the Ghetto Enemy
Bullseye 10 Points 20 Headshots
Demoman 10 Points Explode 5 enemies
Destroyer 10 Points Destroy 5 turels
Detective Number 1 10 Points Finish 1st Chapter
Rebel Mercenary 10 Points Kill the Mercenary
Spec Security 10 Points Kill the Corps Sec
Disturbing Truth 25 Points Finish 2nd Chapter
Heroes Die Too 25 Points Finish 3rd Chapter
You are Alive! 25 Points Save Skye
Close the Case 50 Points Finish 4th Chapter
Face to Face 50 Points Find the Boss
Maniac 50 Points Kill 50 Enemies
Robot Killer 50 Points Kill the Robot
True Detective 50 Points Find all evidences
Sherlock 100 Points Finish All A+

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/490 points)